Is proud to offer ALL current members in good standing the opportunity

To take a NERC CEH course through Bismarck State College & the National Center of Excellence.

BSC is offering a unique 6 hour online course this year to APDA members.

APDA members are eligible each year to take the class offered by BSC.

WUMS APDA Spring Conference

WUMS APDA Fall Conference

  • 2024 Spring Conference April 8-10
  • Training provided by OES-NA
    • Operations Through Simulation This 2-day course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to implement mitigating actions in a simulated environment on a generic system Finist OTS. The course includes a wide scope of system conditions that must be mitigated. Each area of simulation is proceeded with a brief overview to the causes, actions, and responses required to return the system to a reliable state. The simulation conditions include the following: Voltage Control and Mitigation, Transfer Limitations and Congestion, Relay Operation and Response related to UVLS, UFLS, and SPS/RAS, System Switching, and System Restoration. The goal is to provide attendees with training and hands-on activity through simulation technology, the opportunity to better understand operating concepts and to mitigate various operational conditions. The simulation provides a first-hand perspective of the implications to and response of the system when actions are implemented by System Personnel.

  • CEHs Awarded

    16.0 CEHs – Operational

    0.0 CEHs – NERC Standards

    15.0 CEHs – Simulation

    15.0 Emergency Training Hours

  • Save the Date 2025 March 10-12
  • 2024 Fall Conference Sept. 23-25
  • Facilitated by an HSI Instructor, 8:00am – 5:00pm
  • 16 CEHs 

    · Reactive Power · Voltage Control · Voltage Control Simulation · Possible impacts of renewable resources (DERs) and batteries for those facilities for example VAR support, restoration, Real-time assessments, etc. · Mitigation Techniques to control Congestion. (Simulation not as in depth as prior years) · Congestion Management Simulation. (Simulation not as in depth as prior years)

    · Restoration Standards, Guides and Principles · Restoration Exercise · Relay Protection Overview · Relay Protection Simulation · Balancing & Control · Balancing & Control Simulation Exercise · Manual load shedding (EOP-011) · Geomagnetic Disturbances – EOP-010 · Event Reporting – EOP-004 · Loss of Control Center Functionality and related NERC Standard requirements (including but not limited to EOP-008). · Loss of EMS in the primary Control Center, include general guidelines for how to respond. · Under frequency Load Shed introducing 1 tier or possibly 2 tiers of under frequency load-shed, which will include lecture and simulation. · Changes in NERC Standard requirements · Cold weather simulations

    Save the Date, 2025 September 22-24

2023 Training Schedule

  •  This training is intended for real-time system operators and support personnel operating on the Bulk Electric System. 

  • Fall WSO Sessions: Registration Oct. 6 – Nov. 10, contact your WSO Training Team Member; Adam Sabourin, Ken Bartz, Maureen Reyes, or Randy Ploetz.

    Session 1, ATC:  28, 29, 30 November

    Session 2, WE Training Center:  5, 6, 7 December

    Topic: Generation Operations and Decision Making Skills for Operators (with simulation) presented by OES-NA.

    NERC CEHs: 24.0 CEHS – Operating topics, 2.0 – Standards, 11.0 – Simulation