IncSys Scholarship

  1. This scholarship is for on line training towards the NERC Certification Course offered by IncSys Academy. Those eligible to apply for this scholarship must have a High School Diploma or equivalent and be sponsored by a Regular, Associate or Life member of the American Power Dispatchers Association, Inc. Wisconsin & Upper Michigan Area.
  2. The recipient must apply for the scholarship by completing this application. 
  3. Scholarship applications must be in the possession of the Wisconsin & Upper Michigan Area President by August 1.
  4. The Scholarship recipient will be announced by the Scholarship Committee at the American Power Dispatchers Wisconsin & Upper Michigan Area’s Fall Meeting.  The Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of character, scholastic achievement, demonstrated leadership and potential for success in power systems operations.
  5. A congratulatory letter will be sent by the Wisconsin & Upper Michigan’s Area President to the recipient and his/her sponsor by October 1.  The recipient’s name and contact information will be sent to IncSys Academy to get set up in their system for the on line training towards the NERC Certification Course.
  6. This scholarship does not apply to individuals that are working in a position where their company pays for their NERC training, this scholarship is to promote and help bring people into our industry.